Wearing and Caring

– To help ensure the quality of your MDJ Jewelry lasts throughout its life we recommend removing your jewelry before showering or take part in outdoor activities, as well as sport activites. We highly recommond avoiding swimming with your MDJ Jewelry. (Pool or sea water).
– Avoid direct contact of perfumes or other liquid chemicals which may damange the finish of the jewelry.
– Avoid storing your MDJ Jewelry in extreme temperatures, high humidity areas and direct sunlight.

– Your MDJ Jewelry can be kept stored in the original packaging, away from humidity and direct sunlight. We recommend adding a Silica Gel packet in the box if stored in a humid climate.
– Avoid directly stacking your jewelry piece on top of another to avoid scratches and chains/cords tangling up.

– Avoid using paper towels and tissues. We recommend using microfiber towels by slowly wiping the piece in the same direction to ensure minimal scratches.
-Nylon cords can be wash with hand soup and warm water to ensure proper appearance.

All our products all made from Sterling Silver 925 and plating with Rhodium and 18K Gold. Our Product care protection cover all re-plating cost with the first 12 months. Repairs under reasonable use are covered for the first 12 months.



With 50 years experience in the fine gems and jewelry industry. Our products are made from the most skilled Artesian. All carefully hand picked and hand crafted. All our production are made from our very of manufacturing headquarters located in Bangkok, Thailand


Sterling Silver 925

All our Silver Jewelry is made from conflict free and recycled Sterling Silver 925. Our products are also nickel-free to ensure that they are hypoallergenic.

Swarovski Cubic Zirconia

All our white Bright Shining Stones in MDJ Silver Collections are made from the highest quality Cubic Zirconia from Swarovski. Cubic Zirconia, which are commonly used in the market are diamond look a-like, has color and brilliance more similar to that of real natural diamond, at pocket friendly prices

Gold Plating

Silver by nature naturally tarnishes so all our products are plated with Rhodium (Silver Color) or 18K Gold. Our Gold plated products are only plated with micron level layer thickness to ensure lasting durability.